Job Interview with Imagebox

I landed a job interview this month for a front-end developer position. After I received an email to come in, I immediately started brainstorming on what I can do to stand out from the other candidates. We’re all going to present a portfolio so I started thinking about what else they would want from me; perhaps they want to know me better before the interview, proof that I have the skills that match the job specs, and to get an inside scoop on how I work and what my process is like and what better way to do so than by creating a project on the fly telling a story about myself and documenting the steps it took to complete it. I had about 5 days to pull everything together and I have to say they seemed impressed and in the process, I made something really cool.

Things I did and did not do during the interview: I did not go in with a script. I was honest, passionate about my work, eager to learn and so were they, which made it easy to get on the same page and speak the same language. You can view my story Here Notes Notes Notes